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Trampoline Rebounder

Children love to jump around. Jumping up and down on the sofa or couch is a form of physical activity. A trampoline is a good choice of equipment for the children to jump around. The trampoline is normally bigger in size compared to a rebounder. A trampoline occupies a lot of space.

A trampoline comes in various shapes and sizes. Trampolines which are large with diameters ranging from 304 cm. to 426cm is normally set outdoors. Circular trampolines are the most sought after kind of trampolines. Trampolines are designed just for recreation especially for children. The trampoline provides a great avenue for children not only to have fun but to also exercise without realizing it.

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Safety Issues

There are several safety issues that need to be addressed due to:

  1. Injuries tend to occur when more than one child is on the trampoline.
  2. Small children especially those under six years old are more prone to injuries.
  3. Adult supervision is a must.
  4. Remind children not to do somersaults and flips.
  5. Bouncing off the trampoline to exit is not allowed. To get off the trampoline, stop bouncing and then climb down.
  6. Children are advised to always bounce in the middle of the trampoline
  7. When someone else is jumping, the other children must stand back.


  1. Let your children grow up in jumping. It helps to relieve tension and to stimulate the circulatory system, respiratory system and lymphatic system.
  2. Develop balancing skills
  3. Learn how to control the body while in mid air
  4. Improve coordination
  5. Cardio strength
  6. Strengthening the legs
  7. Increased pulse rate strengthens the heart
  8. Increase bone density
  9. Helps the brain `s ability to focus
  10. Exercising with a trampoline has a zero impact stress on the joints and bodily systems.

Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)

Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)


A rebounder is smaller in size and is intended for individual use. It can be placed anywhere and is easy to store. It is also a training device. Just by spending an hour on a rebounder, one can burn more energy as it helps to tone muscles as well as to burn fat.

Here are some simple exercises using the mini trampoline or a rebounder:

  1. Basic Bounce

Get on the trampoline. Stand with two feet together. While jumping place both arms up above the head. Try to bounce at the same speed and height.

  1. Bounce and Kick

When you are bouncing, extend one leg high or low as though you are kicking. Bring that leg down before you land. Do the same thing with the other leg.

  1. Jumping Jack

Bounce. Hands up and extend legs. Then bring hands to side and legs together.

  1. Jogging

Jog in place. Lift knees and swing arms.

  1. Twist

Bounce and twist your body from your waist side to side.

  1. Cross Country Ski

Extend legs forward right and left and swing arms as you bounce.

  1. Side To Side Bounce

Stand in the middle of the trampoline and begin to jump right to left.

  1. Low Bounce

Low bounce is good for cool down


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