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Indoor Games

People have invented indoor games and sports to amuse themselves when confined within a house or other building. Often these games are played in social or family situations, or when the bad weather preventing people from going outside. Such amusements have been developed throughout the world. It’s also requires a great deal of skill on part of the players. In the 19th century, indoor games are usually things that are fun to do even inside the house, halls, rooms, etc. It is usually consist of board games, relays, card games and other fun games you can do without getting all sweaty and tired because of the sun. Many indoor games, including board games or card games, were educational in nature. Board games, card games, and jigsaw puzzles often depicted as contemporary events as well as educational themes.

Figure 1. Board Games and Card Games

Indoor games can be played even if the place is not that spacious unlike outdoor games that you have to use a field or court to properly play the game. The sky are the “enemy” of indoor games and usually it doesn’t require a handful of players. Some of the examples for today most common indoor games are video games, snooker, badminton, table tennis and futsal.

Playing indoor games is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. An indoor venue such as futsal arena, a badminton court, an indoor swimming pool, etc., provides sufficient lighting, climate controlled environment and the required gear. You can also avoid being overheated or getting drenched by sudden rain or by haze if you play indoor. Indoor arena provide pleasure and will not bothers you from the worries of sudden climate change and other environmental obstacle. This is because indoor facilities allow you to play in all types of weather. You can plan your activities anytime of the day. The courts in indoor facilities are smooth and well-maintained, ensuring the safety of players. Crowd area are also excellent, allowing friends and family to watch you play from the comfort of the sidelines. When the game is over, you can join friends and family for some socializing over a cup of coffee in an environment of comfort and modest temperature.

Figure 2. Indoor Games

At the start of the 21st century, computers and video games are among the most popular past times for children and adults. People of today tend to opt for the easiest way out. Sitting and relaxing are preferred choices than to play outside. Indoor games like Sony PlayStation and PC games can improve a person’s concentration levels and reaction speed.

Video games will make the person hooked to the gaming console without any breaks. But developers soon realized that this has proven to be unhealthy. So they came up with more interactive games that encouraged players to move around, like Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox Kinect, which ensure enough physical activity and fun for the whole family. While computer and video games are, by definition, indoor games, smaller handheld gaming consoles such as Nintendo Game Boy & Sony PS Vita, were designed to be taken outside of the home.

IG9 IG10
IG11 IG12
Figure 3. Interactive Video Games


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