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Common Injuries During Exercise

Participation in sports or exercise is generally safe and offers more benefits than any pills or medications combined. Nevertheless in some very remote and unfortunate circumstances, injury may occur.
Although there are risks to develop injuries, the health benefits of regular participation in exercise outweigh injuries.
These injuries are generally mild and self-limiting, often respond expeditiously with treatment.


Ligaments are tissues holding the end of the bones, overlying a joint and thus contributing to a joint stability and movement.
When a ligament is sprained, it is stretched beyond its withstanding ability. Ligaments are typically sprained when a joint is knocked out of position.

SprainIts severity ranges from minor stretched, partial tear and to total tear. Signs of a sprain include :

  • varying degrees of tenderness or pain
  • bruising
  • swelling
  • inability to move a limb or joint
  • joint looseness, laxity, or instability

Initial treatment requires stopping from the exercise, elevation of the injured joint with application of cold compression. A period of rest and modified activity are usually advised. In severe case of injury, consult a doctor for further assessment and care.


StrainMuscles and tendons action produce movements that we perform during exercise. When a muscle or tendon overstretches or overcontracts, strain injury may take place.
It is also called as muscle pull, twist or tear strained muscle manifests as pain, swelling, bruising and impaired strength. Like sprained ligaments, the severity of strain injury ranges from minor strain to frank tear of the tissue.
Similarly the initial treatment is of the same approach mentioned for the treatment of sprain injury.


Blister is a form of injury to the superficial structures of the skin. It looks like a fluid-filled bumps that look like bubbles on skin.

It is formed by forceful friction of the skin or exposure to extreme temperature. The most common site of blister formation is on the feet. This is commonly caused by friction due to an ill-fitting foot wear with prolonged exercise.

Blister1 Blister2

Treatment of blister requires attention to cleanliness and vigilant against infection. Should you require further treatment, please consult a healthcare professional.
Blister can be prevented by wearing proper fit gears and application of protective barriers.

Muscle cramp

Muscle crampExercise-associated muscle cramps are painful muscle spasm that occurs during or after exercise. The exact cause of this injury is unknown.
However certain conditions like dehydration, poor fitness and overheating predisposes to this injury. When you experience cramp, cease from your activity and gently stretch the muscle untill you are relieved from the symptoms.


Overuse injury

With repetitive exercise, wear and tear injury may occur. The overuse injuries may present as longstanding non-specific pain with impaired performance.

Often the joint movement is affected. Although it is not a harmful condition to your overall health, it may cause discomfort and may affect your activity.

Various treatments are available. Consult your healthcare professional should you require treatment.

Exercise should be enjoyable, fun and rewarding. Should you injure yourself during exercise, seek the correct treatment for recovery and resume the exercise.




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