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Something people do to relax or have fun

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are activities that are associated with an adrenaline rush that is felt by the participant. The sports are activities that individuals choose to participate in that generally have a high degree of danger. These activities are often dangerous and any error could result in injury or even death. …

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Indoor Games

People have invented indoor games and sports to amuse themselves when confined within a house or other building. Often these games are played in social or family situations, or when the bad weather preventing people from going outside. Such amusements have been developed throughout the world. It’s also requires a …

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Trampoline Rebounder

Children love to jump around. Jumping up and down on the sofa or couch is a form of physical activity. A trampoline is a good choice of equipment for the children to jump around. The trampoline is normally bigger in size compared to a rebounder. A trampoline occupies a lot …

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Physical Activity

Active play for young children, whether indoors or outdoors, is a way of learning about the environment and also about themselves. Physical activities are an essential part of their lives. It is where the emotional learning, the physical learning, the development of language, the awareness of their senses and also …

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Physical Activity During Recess

Physical activity – what can be done by school children and adolescents during recess for 20 minutes? Introduction Physical activity is defined as movement involving the skeletal muscles and bones that result in energy   expenditure. Physical activity is influenced by four main variables such as frequency, intensity, types and duration. …

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Hula Hoop For Children

If you can walk, you can hoop. Hula hoop is another option, either for children or adults, to exercise in a fun and entertaining way. Hula hooping is an exercise in disguise especially for children who are obese and who are reluctant to exercise. Children will need some space to …

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